Saturday, May 24, 2008

Notes on Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Semi-Final 2

Here follows my notes made during tonight's broadcast of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Nations in bold indicate finalists. Number indicates my score out of 5.

Iceland (3.1) Boring start. Bog standard 'celebration' song. Good for a dance after a night of drinking.

Sweden (2.8) The Grey Alien! Or is it Catwoman? Boring song.

Turkey (4.3) Rock, yeah! Good vocals. Good song.

Ukraine (4.5) Teh hawt! This is how you do Dance music. Good performance too.

Lithuania (2) Romantic Metalhead? Where's the cotton wool. Argh, my poor ears.

Albania (4.8) She's only 16 y.o.? Nice start to the song. I'm liking this. Lovely song.

Switzerland (3.8) What is it about singing in Italian that sounds so good. Singer's a bit of a spunk.

Czech Republic (3) lol Space pop! Nice hook, but overall song not so good.

Belarus (2.5) Sings better than the Czech, but is a shit song.

Latvia (2.8) Argh, me mateys! Pirates! With tits!

Croatia (4.8) I like this. A Parisian café in Eastern Europe. :^)

Bulgaria (4.2) Nice start. This is good. Competition is tough tonight. Shades of Chemical Brothers.

Denmark (4.2) Note to Iceland: this is how it's done. I'm up and dancing.

Georgia (3.5) Slavic über-cool post-apocalypse style is alive and well. Pity about the song.

Hungary (3.7) Decent song. Nice romantic ballad.

Malta (4) Head's a rockin' and a boppin'. Great voice.

Cyprus (4.3) Nice wardrobe change. Good song too. Good performance as well.

F.Y.R. Macedonia (3.2) I like it, but it's let down by the chorus.

Portugal (4.81) Beautiful.

Of the five auto-finalists, France and Serbia are my faves.

Cyprus was robbed! Latvia gets through, but Cyprus doesn't! WTF is up with that?

My pick for this year's winner is (drum roll)... PORTUGAL

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