Friday, May 23, 2008

Notes on Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Semi-Final 1

Here follows my notes made during tonight's broadcast of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Nations in bold indicate finalists. Number indicates my score out of 5.

Montenegro (3)

Israel (3)

Estonia (2.8) Funny. Signs of cake, sausage and radish

Moldova (3.2) Nice beginning. Was okay.

San Marino (3.5) Nice start, but took a while to get in to.

Belgium (4.2) Very nice. Good humour with good music. Fun.

Azerbaijan (4) Decent metal song. That voice!

Slovenia (4.4) I like. Good energy.

Norway (3.5) Nice song. Fairly standard pop song, but nice.

Poland (3.2) Another standard pop song; not as good tho.

Ireland (1) A puppet! Shite song.

Andorra (4.1) Good dance song (Europop?) I like.

Bosnia & Herzegovina (4.5) Nice start. Nice, quirky performance. Good song.

Armenia (4.2) Gorgeous voice @ start. Beautiful woman. Got my head bopping.

Netherlands (3.5) Good song.

Finland (4) Rock on! What is it with the Finns and heavy metal?

Romania (4) I like this one.

Russia (3) Sounds like Savage Garden.

Greece (3.5) Can somebody say Britney? But better.

So, there it is. Disappointed Belgium didn't get through. I quite like that song. But, my fave did get through to the final: Bosnia & Herzegovina. Yay!

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