Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I recently downloaded the Safari web browser for Windows as part of an update to iTunes. I've been rather happy using Firefox, but thought I've give Safari a go, if only to see what it was like.

I do say, I like. The layout is clean and uncluttered. The bookmark bar convenient and simple to use. Automatic RSS updating so good. Quicker page downloads is noticeable. Automatic bookmark importing a pleasant surprise when I noticed it had occurred. There's really not much I can fault it, but there are two things I do miss. One is the range of search engines allowed in the Firefox search bar, for only Google and Yahoo! are available, both returning results for the US engines. I've not investigated the issue in depth, but it would be nice to have the option of having them search the Australian engines. It would also be nice if I could add other search engines. On Mozilla, I have available Google au, Yahoo! au, Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster Dictionary, YouTube, eBay au, YellowPages au, IMDb, EzyDVD, Amazon us, and Amazon uk. All that I need in my various searchings, even if only on the odd occasion with some of them.

The second thing I miss is automatic address searching. In Firefox, if I type, for example, Firefox in the address bar, the browser will automatically do a google search and take me to the Firefox web page. Safari does not do this, and so thinks that Firefox is the web address, search for that as the address, and of course return a "server not found" page. I can from there do a google search for Firefox, which will lead me, eventually, to the page that I want. And the browser will remember this, and take me there next time I enter Firefox in the address bar. But it would be nicer if the functionality were the same as Firefox in this regard.

Convenience is so easy to get used to, that it is missed when not available. But, recognising that it is merely convenience slaves the pain of its absence. And, just as convenience is easy to get used to, it is as easy to forget about once one has adjusted to its absence.

For those people still silly enough to be using Internet Explorer, I suggest moving over to either Firefox or Safari. For those using Firefox, I recommend at least giving Safari a go.

I did, and it's now the browser I use.

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