Monday, April 28, 2008

For Shame

I suppose I shouldn't be too astonished at the lengths members of the anti-abortion brigade will go to in support of their cause, but sometimes something is done that will astonish me.

In Afghanistan yesterday, Lance Corporal Jason Marks was killed during an attack on Taliban militants. He is the fifth Australian soldier to die in the war in Afghanistan. LCPL Marks died working for Australia's national interest, and in defence of the liberated people of Afghanistan. Whatever one may think of Australia's involvement in the war in Afghanistan (for the record, it is an involvement I support), one would certainly think it crass to use the death of LCPL Marks for political ends.

However, Ron, author of the Tell the 'Truth' blog, has done just that. In his consciousness raising efforts to expose what he views as the evil of abortion to the people of Australia, Ron has published a post entitled Australian Commando Killed in Afghanistan. It consists of a photo LCPL Marks with his two children followed by the question, "Did this man die for the right of Australian parent's to kill their own children?" Ron then answers his own question in the negative. And that's it, no more is written.

I am astonished at the unmitigated gall that Ron has displayed in exploiting the death of LCPL Marks to his own political ends. How does one respond to such callous disregard to another person? He doesn't even have the decency to use the name of the person whose death he would exploit. I will not answer the question that Ron poses, for it can not be answered with any shred of dignity. All I can say is that LCPL Justin Marks died defending the freedom of the people of Afghanistan from a totalitarian theocracy.

Well, maybe I shouldn't be so astonished after all, for it is people like Ron who would foist their theocratic ideals on others.

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