Sunday, April 27, 2008

Community Complaints re: Tell the Truth Coalition

The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) received a many complaints about the flyer distributed by Tell the 'Truth' Coalition. Last week, the ASB issued a press release wherein the ASB disclosed that it upheld those complaints on the basis of Community Standards.

The Case Report (available by searing for 93/08 under Case Reports on the ASB home page) states at The Determination:
The Board considered that the content of the advertisement had the potential to affect the mental health
of women who have had an abortion or women who are pregnant and not happy with their situation.
The images could also impact negatively on the mental health of women who have experienced a

The Board further noted the possibility that the images could be viewed by young people or children
and that this would cause alarm and distress to these viewers.

The Board considered the advertiser's right to free speech and their right to share their views.
However the Board considered on balance that the images depicted were contrary to prevailing
community standards on health and safety.

Finding that the advertisement breached Section 2.6 of Code, the Board upheld the complaint.

(Nota Bene: The Code referred to is the AANA Code of Ethics)

Tell the 'Truth' Coalition had not responded to the Determination of the ASB at the time the Report was published. There has also been no mention of the Determination on the blog Tell the 'Truth'. Will they hold to their name and write about this Determination and of the offense they have caused in the community?

I rather doubt it.

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